The Tarot is set of 78 cards, consisting of four suits of 14 cards (wands, cups, swords, and pentacles) and 22 trumps. The suited cards are called the minor arcana and the trump cards are called the major arcana. While these cards are primarily used for divination, they also comprise a pictorial key to the Tree of Life, correspondences, and other magical secrets.

Major Arcana

the fool tarot

The Fool

Youth, innocence, and naivety
the magician tarot

The Magician

Creativity, infinity, and beginnings
the high priestess tarot

The High Priestess

The Moon, intuition, and mystery
the empress tarot

The Empress

Venus, beauty, and harmony
the emperor tarot

The Emperor

Aggression, power, and maturity
the hierophant tarot

The Hierophant

Tradition, gatherings, and endurance
the lovers tarot

The Lovers

Choice, love, and intensity
the chariot tarot

The Chariot

Determination, travel, and determination.
strength tarot


Patience, fortitude, and confidence
the hermit tarot

The Hermit

Study, discrimination, and concern
the wheel of fortune tarot

The Wheel of Fortune

Good luck, expansion, and destiny
justice tarot


Balance, estimation, and debt
the hanged man tarot

The Hanged Man

Neptune, insight, and delusion
death tarot


Regeneration, phoenix, and change
temperance tarot


Rules, limitations, and refinement
the devil tarot

The Devil

Sex, restrictions, and addiction
the tower tarot

The Tower

Upheaval, war, and destruction
the star tarot

The Star

Communication, art, and inspiration
the moon tarot

The Moon

Secrets, deception, and darkness
the sun tarot

The Sun

Victory, ego, and warmth
judgement tarot


Pluto, subconscious desires, and revival
the world tarot

The World

Saturn, reward, and growth


ace of pentacles tarot

Ace of Pentacles

Wealth, success, and fulfillment
two of pentacles tarot

Two of Pentacles

Loss, anxiety, and instability
three of pentacles tarot

Three of Pentacles

Creativity, talent, and work
four of pentacles tarot

Four of Pentacles

Wealth, risk, and property
five of pentacles tarot

Five of Pentacles

Loss, travel, and anxiety
six of pentacles tarot

Six of Pentacles

Saturn, wealth, and justice
seven of pentacles tarot

Seven of Pentacles

Ambition, wealth, and perspective
eight of pentacles tarot

Eight of Pentacles

Resolve, talent, and work
nine of pentacles tarot

Nine of Pentacles

Success, reward, and growth
ten of pentacles tarot

Ten of Pentacles

Wealth, good luck, and family
page of pentacles tarot

Page of Pentacles

Wealth, status, and youth
knight of pentacles tarot

Knight of Pentacles

Resolve, speed, and power
queen of pentacles tarot

Queen of Pentacles

Earth, wealth, and security
king of pentacles tarot

King of Pentacles

Earth, time, and growth


ace of swords tarot

Ace of Swords

The sky, confidence, and victory
two of swords tarot

Two of Swords

Water, secrets, and calmness
three of swords tarot

Three of Swords

Delay, separation, and melancholy
four of swords tarot

Four of Swords

Death, illness, and anguish
five of swords tarot

Five of Swords

Battle, compromise, and challenge
six of swords tarot

Six of Swords

Water, travel, and change
seven of swords tarot

Seven of Swords

Intrigue, danger, and secrets
eight of swords tarot

Eight of Swords

Subconscious, deception, and prisoner
nine of swords tarot

Nine of Swords

Mars, darkness, and suffering
ten of swords tarot

Ten of Swords

Death, sacrifice, and suffering
page of swords tarot

Page of Swords

Idealism, industry, and talent
knight of swords tarot

Knight of Swords

Resolve, leadership, and courage
queen of swords tarot

Queen of Swords

The Moon, stability, and idealism
king of swords tarot

King of Swords

Earth, strength, and logic


ace of cups tarot

Ace of Cups

Intensity, family, and pleasure
two of cups tarot

Two of Cups

Intensity, family, and pleasure
three of cups tarot

Three of Cups

Friendship, celebration, and happiness
four of cups tarot

Four of Cups

Chance, balance, and bitter
five of cups tarot

Five of Cups

Melancholy, failure, and loss
six of cups tarot

Six of Cups

Insight, family, and nostalgia
seven of cups tarot

Seven of Cups

Dreams, sanity, and sin
eight of cups tarot

Eight of Cups

Andering, abandonment, and loss
nine of cups tarot

Nine of Cups

The Sun, valor, and success
ten of cups tarot

Ten of Cups

The Sun, love, and family
page of cups tarot

Page of Cups

Fish, love, and hope
knight of cups tarot

Knight of Cups

Expansion, support, and stability
queen of cups tarot

Queen of Cups

Strength, support, and passion
king of cups tarot

King of Cups

Growth, completion, and time


ace of wands tarot

Ace of Wands

Change, inspiration, and possibility
two of wands tarot

Two of Wands

Property, success, and planning
three of wands tarot

Three of Wands

Stability, home, and instinct
four of wands tarot

Four of Wands

Celebration, friendship, and joy
five of wands tarot

Five of Wands

Conflict, stress, and anger
six of wands tarot

Six of Wands

Victory, leadership, and hope
seven of wands tarot

Seven of Wands

Tension, anxiety, and defense
eight of wands tarot

Eight of Wands

Movement, speed, and resolution
nine of wands tarot

Nine of Wands

Fear, caution, and pressure
ten of wands tarot

Ten of Wands

Trouble, endings, and resolve
page of wands tarot

Page of Wands

Youth, inspiration, and talent
knight of wands tarot

Knight of Wands

Fire, idealism, and aggression
queen of wands tarot

Queen of Wands

Fire, security, and instinct
king of wands tarot

King of Wands

Fire, strength, and satisfaction

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