The suit of cups is associated with the element of water and the World of Creation (Briah) on the Tree of Life. These cards represent the emotional world.

ace of cups tarot

Ace of Cups

Intensity, family, and pleasure
two of cups tarot

Two of Cups

Intensity, family, and pleasure
three of cups tarot

Three of Cups

Friendship, celebration, and happiness
four of cups tarot

Four of Cups

Chance, balance, and bitter
five of cups tarot

Five of Cups

Melancholy, failure, and loss
six of cups tarot

Six of Cups

Insight, family, and nostalgia
seven of cups tarot

Seven of Cups

Dreams, sanity, and sin
eight of cups tarot

Eight of Cups

Andering, abandonment, and loss
nine of cups tarot

Nine of Cups

The Sun, valor, and success
ten of cups tarot

Ten of Cups

The Sun, love, and family
page of cups tarot

Page of Cups

Fish, love, and hope
knight of cups tarot

Knight of Cups

Expansion, support, and stability
queen of cups tarot

Queen of Cups

Strength, support, and passion
king of cups tarot

King of Cups

Growth, completion, and time

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